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Rent a Synergy system package
Rent: NZD$ 17
Asus notebook 1199 for Rent
Rent: NZD$ 14
Rent a Windows 8 10.1 tablet
Rent: NZD$ 11
Samsung galaxy 10.1 tab4 for Rent at low cost
Rent: NZD$ 10
Extron 405 Universal Processor For Rent
Rent: NZD$ 120
Wired Comm Kits At NZD 80
Rent: NZD$ 80
Long Run Fibre Kit For Rent
Rent: NZD$ 190
Datavideo 7″ HD Preview At NZD 50
Rent: NZD$ 50
HP 10bit 24″ Monitor For Rent In Auckland
Rent: NZD$ 125
Full HD 22″ Preview Kit For Rent
Rent: NZD$ 75
Paralinx Wireless TX/RX Kit At NZD 80
Rent: NZD$ 80
Datapath X4 Video Wall Processor At NZD 150
Rent: NZD$ 150
Playback and Performance System
Rent: NZD$ 250
Blackmagic TV Studio Vision Switcher For Rent At NZD 175
Rent: NZD$ 175
Blackmagic 2 M/E Vision Switcher For Rent
Rent: NZD$ 620
ATEM 1M/E Production Studio 4K At NZD 480
Rent: NZD$ 480
Blackmagic 1 M/E Control Panel For Rent
Rent: NZD$ 320
Widescreen Projector Screens At NZD 250
Rent: NZD$ 250
Compact Mid Sized HD Projector For Rent
Rent: NZD$ 275
Mid Sized Projector With 16:9 Zoom Ratio
Rent: NZD$ 380