Lease to buy
All Clean
Dual mode freely Movi M10 for rent
NZD$ 700 Per day
Pump Diaphram 50mm for rent
NZD$ 61 Per day
Hire Dumpy Level
NZD$ 48 Per day
Renovator Tool for rent
NZD$ 26 Per day
Scissor Lift for rent
NZD$ 230 Per day
1 Ton Electric Hoist for rent
NZD$ 90 Per day
NZD$ 29 Per day
Bar Stool for rent
NZD$ 11 Per week
50 Ton Compression Cell for rent
NZD$ 135 Per day
Plaster Flicker for rent
NZD$ 35 Per day
40105 3Ton Tension Meter for rent
NZD$ 85 Per day
Majestic mode Movi M10 for rent
NZD$ 450 Per day
Manual Chain Block 2Ton 6M Drop for rent
NZD$ 40 Per day
Water Transfer Pump 40mm at NZD 57.5 per day
NZD$ 58 Per day
"LCSST7.5 7.5Ton Load Cell with Digital Indicator "
NZD$ 105 Per day
Girder Clamp at NZD 15 per day
NZD$ 15 Per day
Compressor 100 Cfm Towable at NZD 172.5 per day
NZD$ 173 Per day
Compressor 8cfm Electric at NZD 46 per day
NZD$ 46 Per day
4N1800652 Cable Rope 9/16" X 600 ft Composite at NZD 26 per day
NZD$ 26 Per day
0.8 Ton Lever Hoist at NZD 26 per day
NZD$ 26 Per day