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Lease to buy
All Clean
Rent a Cherrypicker Electric 10m
NZD$ 285 Per day
Rent a Excavator 1.7 tonne
NZD$ 330 Per day
Electronic Digital Theodolite for rent starting from $75per day
NZD$ 75 Per day
Screw Drivers with 14 piece Phillips and slot head screw drivers for rent at $22.50 per day
NZD$ 23 Per day
Auto Darkening Welding Helmet for rent at $24 per day
NZD$ 24 Per day
Concrete Mixer for rent
NZD$ 45 Per day
Boom 45-50 feet tow behind for rent at $284 per day
NZD$ 284 Per day
Breaker Electric small size at low cost for Rent
NZD$ 65 Per day
Scissoe deck for rent at low cost
NZD$ 354 Per day
Diamond Blades 14 inch for rent at $50 per day
NZD$ 50 Per day
Leather Welding Gloves for rent at $5 per day
NZD$ 5 Per day
Rent a compactor plate for low cost
NZD$ 95 Per day
Bottle Jack for rent near auckland
NZD$ 18 Per day
Port-a-Nailer or Secret Nailer
NZD$ 70 Per day
Rent a Vibrator 32mm
NZD$ 65 Per day
Airless Paint Spray gun for rent at $190 per day
NZD$ 190 Per day
Secret Nailer for rent starting from $70 per day
NZD$ 70 Per day
Brush Chipper for rent at $ 195 per day
NZD$ 195 Per day
Bender Cutter for rent at attractive cost
NZD$ 22 Per day
Ramset Gun – Spitfire
NZD$ 45 Per day