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Lease to buy
All Clean
Wedding lolly Jars
NZD$ 15 Per day
Gold CHANDELIER for rent @ 149 per day
NZD$ 149 Per day
Birdcage Wooden Dome White for rent @ 20 per day
NZD$ 20 Per year
Crstal Lamp
NZD$ 15 Per day
Flower Holder
NZD$ 13 Per day
Concrete Block for rent @ 12 per day
NZD$ 12 Per day
Arbor Iron Arch for rent @ 239 per day
NZD$ 239 Per day
3m x 3m Frame Marquee for rent
NZD$ 169 Per day
A Frame Chalkboard Xtra-Small for rent
NZD$ 4 Per day
Hat Box Vintage Tin for rent @ 25 per day
NZD$ 25 Per day
Bridal Banquet Table Hire
NZD$ 50 Per week
LED trestle table for rent
NZD$ 50 Per hour
Arch Basic black for rent @ 32 per day
NZD$ 32 Per day
Black Carpet for rent @ 80 per day
NZD$ 80 Per day
Led Dance Floors for rent
NZD$ 60 Per hour
Arch Black Iron for rent @ 64 per day
NZD$ 64 Per day
Led Flame Effects for party
NZD$ 50 Per day
Fairy light Curtains  for rent
NZD$ 180 Per hour
Glass Sphere Vase – Giant
NZD$ 18 Per day
Birdcage with stand for rent @ 32 per day
NZD$ 32 Per day