| | | 3 Ton Box Truck with 8 cubic capacity
3 Ton Box Truck with 8 cubic capacity
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3 Ton Box Truck with 8 cubic capacity

NZD$ 100 rent/day

The capacity of these trucks is 18 cubic metres so they are around twice the size of the standard 2 ton box truck. All of our pricing include GST and insurance whereas most other rental companies add this to your rental costs. Trucks in this class of rental are fitted with either interior tie hooks or Z track so your load can be easily secured inside the truck however you will provide your own restraints as we do not hire these. The rental  rates include GST and standard insurance with excess reduction options available. The truck has  4500mm long ,1970mm tall (clear loading area) and 2070mm wide.

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Contact person: james Blond Ltd
Phone no.: 0064 9 813 4134
E-Mail: info@jamesblond.co.nz
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