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Lease to buy
All Clean
Avondale Motor Park for rent
NZD$ 80 Per day
Lake View Penthouse for rent at 125 per day
NZD$ 125 Per day
B and B Mangorei Room at NZD 110 per day
NZD$ 110 Per day
Morgim Beach House
NZD$ 145 Per month
Boathouse 2
NZD$ 260 Per day
weekend home
NZD$ 1,062 Per day
First class rooms for Rent at low cost
NZD$ 41 Per day
Apartments For Rent With attractive cost
NZD$ 31 Per day
Beach view house for rent at $55 per day
NZD$ 55 Per day
Special luxury townhouse in an ideal for rent
NZD$ 180 Per week
Boathouse 1
NZD$ 220 Per day
Luxury Pool Villa
NZD$ 181 Per day
Pristine Papamoa holiday home for rent
NZD$ 200 Per day
Baga Apartment
NZD$ 20 Per day
Maxwell Place house for rent at 260 per day
NZD$ 260 Per day
Rooms available for Rent at Oasis Motel & Caravan Park
NZD$ 90 Per day
Peaceful Comfortable Rural Cottage for rent at 125 per day
NZD$ 125 Per day
Luxurious ski chalet sleeping house for rent
NZD$ 196 Per day
Charming Valley View Cottage for rent in Christchurch
NZD$ 112 Per day
Apartment Glenda
NZD$ 27 Per day