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All Clean
Camp Kitchen Kits at low cost
NZD$ 23 Per day
240-volt mains plug at NZD 40
NZD$ 40 Per day
Burner Gas Cookers
NZD$ 3 Per week
Bike Carry Racks and Bags
NZD$ 5 Per week
bike hire
NZD$ 20 Per week
Booster Seat with 5 Point Harness
NZD$ 30 Per week
Roof bars for rent
NZD$ 50 Per day
Summer pack for rent
NZD$ 80 Per day
GPS unit for rent in auckland
NZD$ 5 Per day
bike basket
NZD$ 5 Per week
single air mats
NZD$ 5 Per week
Garmin Zumo GPS
NZD$ 10 Per day
Synthetic Sleeping Bags
NZD$ 5 Per week
Brand new 3 man tent for fresh air
NZD$ 70 Per day
camp kitchen
NZD$ 6 Per week
pannier bags for rent
NZD$ 2 Per week
family dometent
NZD$ 50 Per week
Riding Gloves
NZD$ 5 Per day
moutain bike kits
NZD$ 12 Per week
Rechargeable lanterns for rent :
NZD$ 3 Per week