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Lease to buy
All Clean
Silver wedding cake stand for Rent
NZD$ 25 Per day
Brie - Candle Holder
NZD$ 10 Per day
French Lanterns
NZD$ 14 Per day
Foil StarLaser Bursts at Low cost
NZD$ 30 Per day
. Ivy and boxwood garlands
NZD$ 10 Per day
Blackout Black Drapes 1 at Low cost
NZD$ 54 Per day
NZD$ 30 Per day
Rent an Exhibition panels
NZD$ 50 Per day
Black Wall Panels with different colors
NZD$ 50 Per day
Champagne vintage rose posies for rent at $170
NZD$ 170 Per day
6 foot Christmas Tree (in box) at Low cost
NZD$ 40 Per day
Black Coffee Mugs for rent @ 0.69 per day
NZD$ 1 Per day
Gold and white rose bridesmaids posy for rent
NZD$ 65 Per week
Brick wall backdrop for rent
NZD$ 100 Per day
Chateau - Candle Holder
NZD$ 35 Per day
Burgundy Drapes for Rent strats at $30
NZD$ 30 Per day
8.5 foot Christmas Tree (in box) For Rent
NZD$ 60 Per day
NZD$ 2 Per day
Conical Vase Tall for decoration
NZD$ 10 Per day
Cube Frosted Tealight at low cost
NZD$ 2 Per day