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Lease to buy
All Clean
Executive Toyota Aurion for smooth drive
NZD$ 155 rent/day
Rent a People Mover / 6 Seater
NZD$ 75 rent/day
AP 6 Berth Motorhome for Rent
NZD$ 158 rent/day
Burley Children’s Trailer for rent
NZD$ 45 rent/day
Rent a Double Up 4 Berth Motorhome
NZD$ 131 rent/day
Chrysler Voyager with 7 seater
NZD$ 89 rent/day
MRS Spider at NZD 99 per day
NZD$ 99 rent/day
Rent a Triumph Bonneville
NZD$ 105 rent/day
Cheap and Cheerful car for rent at 21 per day
NZD$ 21 rent/day
Stretch Limousine at NZD 75 per hour
NZD$ 75 rent/hour
Audi R8 for rent at NZD 799
NZD$ 799 rent/day
Compact Economy at NZD 25
NZD$ 25 rent/day
toyota previla
NZD$ 72 rent/day
Jumbo Cargo Van Rental for rent
NZD$ 129 rent/day
toyota prado
NZD$ 69 rent/day
2013/2014 BMW F800 GS for rent in Auckland
NZD$ 27 rent/day
Sweater minibuse for rent
NZD$ 155 rent/day
People Mover / 8 Seater at low cost
NZD$ 79 rent/day
Car rentals
NZD$ 50 rent/day
Sedan 2.0L for rent
NZD$ 60 rent/day